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Our mission: Freedom to operate

Biomendex works to enhance tissue technology and manufactures superior medical devices.

Biomendex was founded in 2018 in Tampere, Finland, by Dr. Kaarlo Paakinaho and Dr. Mikko Manninen. The background of the company is in years of research conducted in Tampere University. Today Biomendex is an innovative tissue engineering technology company that is set out to help both doctors and patients.

The beginning

As a researcher, Dr. Paakinaho was experimenting with new materials in the laboratory and discovered a new composite material that could be processed into cancellous bone-like structure. The discovery led to a research project into which Dr. Manninen, an orthopedic surgeon, onboarded. The research collaboration led to the founding of Biomendex to develop an implantable solution for tissue repair. The bone regeneration technologies spearheaded the innovation and product development of the company.

Combining their insights from the worlds of biomedical engineering and orthopedic surgery, Dr. Manninen shared his view on the challenges he came across as an orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Paakinaho, who was researching biodegradable materials at the time, set out to resolve them through persistent trouble shooting. 

They both wanted to create a material that helped bone regenerate better. They also wanted to develop a solution that would give surgeons a complete freedom to operate and improve their performance. The dialogue between these two professionals and the inspiration that stemmed from it led Biomendex to where it stands today.

The Biomendex insight

Today Biomendex develops and manufactures adaptable solutions for tissue regeneration. We believe that our versatile and superior medical devices in operating rooms are essential in improving surgical outcomes and minimizing the operational risks in bone regeneration.

Our invention, Adaptos®, is the first bioactive bone graft substitute that surgeons can cut, shape or squeeze into place. It is the only bone graft substitute that mimics bone by being resilient and bioactive. The operational freedom during surgery is no longer restricted by the lack of material properties. On the contrary, our products can easily be tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient.  

Adaptos® combines cancellous bone structure and operational usability being similar to native autologous bone – the golden standard – in terms of usability. It can give better surgical outcome, reduce operational risks, cut operation time, and create financial savings. 

Adaptos® – the first adaptable bone graft substitute

Adaptos® by Biomendex is the first truly adaptable synthetic bone graft substitute that has optimal porosity and a durable structure that recovers after compression. It imitates the structure of cancellous bone and acts as scaffold material that supports bone regeneration or any other supporting tissue. 

Adaptos® gives surgeons the ultimate flexibility to work the bone substitute in any way that best supports the healing of the patient. Adaptos® was created so that surgeons could give their patients premium care without having to concentrate on anything else other than the patient.

Biomendex also works to enhance tissue technology and manufactures superior medical devices. We aim to resolve various problems in the fields of oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthopedic surgery, sports surgery, soft tissue surgery, and veterinary surgery – to name but a few. Biomendex is driven by our passion to help both doctors and patients. 

Team and facilities

Biomendex is a dedicated team of nine driven professionals who have the mutual vision of helping surgeons and patients. In addition to an experienced and cross-functional team Biomendex has built a strong network of clinical and industrial partners as well as experienced clinicians to plan and execute product development and clinical trials.

Our first product family, Adaptos®, includes the first truly adaptive bone graft substitutes that have numerous application areas both in clinical and veterinary use. The bone graft substitutes are suitable for all non-load bearing bone applications or to be used together with rigid metallic fixation. 

Biomendex is currently carrying out with its partners a clinical study that evaluates the efficacy and safety of Adaptos® bone substitutes indicated for the treatment of oral and maxillofacial bone defects in adult patients.

Biomendex has its own laboratory and clean-room facilities in Tampere, Finland, where all product development and production operations are located. Biomendex is applying ISO 13485:2016 quality management system standard in its operations.


Biomendex collaborates with leading medical service providers and veterinary clinics. Currently Biomendex is collaborating on a clinical study with Hospital OrtonOral Dentists/Qmedical, and Planmeca Oy, a healthcare technology company. The study is sponsored by the Research Institute Orton.

Adaptos® composites have been studied in cooperation with Finnish veterinary surgeons since 2018. Evidensia veterinary clinics are our main partner.

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Adaptos®Vet is Biomendex’s highly competitive adaptable bone graft substitute product line for veterinarians. We are currently open for new distributor proposals especially in Europe.

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