Superior adaptable
bone grafts

Bioactive and resilient adaptable bone graft substitutes with unparalleled handling qualities and performance. 

Adaptos® products

Adaptos® bone graft substitutes are being developed for clinical and veterinary use. The quality and performance of Adaptos® products are based on high-quality research, clinical studies and intensive collaboration with surgeons.

Clinical products

Adaptos® is adaptable bone graft substitute for the whole skeletal system. Adaptos® products are being developed for various indications, including oral & maxillofacial, orthopedic and spine surgeries.

Operational performance of Adaptos® has been proven in several preclinical studies. Clinical study for oral & maxillofacial indication has started in spring 2021 and Biomendex expects to start the sales of Adaptos® products by the end of 2022.

Adaptos® clinical studies

Data provided by clinical studies plays an essential role in demonstrating the safety and efficacy of  Adaptos®.

Clinical study with  Adaptos® bone graft substitute products has started, and the first patients were operated on in June 2021. The study focuses on evaluating the efficacy and safety of Adaptos® bone grafts indicated for the treatment of oral & maxillofacial bone defects in adult patients.

The second clinical study with  Adaptos® is also under preparation. Biomendex is the sponsor of the study that aims to evaluate the efficacy and safety of  Adaptos® bone grafts in orthopedic indications.

Veterinary products

Adaptos®Vet is the first truly adaptable bone graft substitute for veterinary surgeries. It is bioactive and resilient bone graft substitute with superior handling qualities and operational performance.

Adaptos®Vet products have been developed in collaboration with leading Finnish veterinary surgeons. Adaptos®Vet products are now available in the Biomendex online store and by contacting Biomendex sales team.

Become a distributor

Interested in distributor partnership for Adaptos®Vet?

Adaptos®Vet is Biomendex’s highly competitive adaptable bone graft substitute product line for veterinarians. We are currently open for new distributor proposals especially in Europe.

If you have the industry experience and insight, great client network and the pioneer mindset that is needed to launch new products in your market, please contact us for more information.