Adaptos®Vet – Adaptable bone graft substitute

The first truly adaptable bone graft substitute for veterinary use with superior handling qualities and performance.

Premium bone graft substitutes for veterinary use

Adaptos®Vet granules enable superior handling qualities and operational performance for veterinary surgeons. Developed together with leading Finnish veterinary surgeons, Adaptos®Vet granules are available for treatment of bone defects in the whole skeletal system.

Adaptos®Vet Ultra Fine (0.2-0.5mm)

Recommended use case

Oral & Maxillofacial icon Oral & Maxillofacial

Ultra Fine granules are especially suitable for void filling of bone cysts and tooth extraction sites and for treating small fractures, especially on small veterinary patients.

Adaptos®Vet Fine (0.5-1.0mm)

Recommended use case

Orthopedics icon Orthopedics

Oral & Maxillofacial icon Oral & Maxillofacial

Fine granules are especially suitable for treating fragmented fractures, filling narrow fracture gaps and for treating general bone defects in small veterinary patients.

Adaptos®Vet Medium (1.0-2.0mm)

Recommended use case

Orthopedics icon Orthopedics

Medium granules are especially suitable for filling larger bone defects such as bone cavities, wider fracture gaps, and for treating general bone defects in larger veterinary patients.


Adaptos®Vet products are bone graft substitutes with a unique composition and bone-like structure. Resilient Adaptos®Vet gives natural support for regenerating bone tissue.

The elastic bone graft substitute is easy to shape and use, and it can be press-fitted into a defect for faster osseointegration. Adaptos®Vet is intended for treatment of bone defects in the whole skeletal system.


  • Auto or allograft extender
  • Void filling and osteotomy sites
  • Filling and reconstruction of metaphyseal bone defects
  • Fracture repair
  • Arthrodesis

Oral and Maxillofacial

  • Void filling, such as tooth extraction sites
  • Periodontal pockets and other bone loss
  • Fracture repair
  • Cyst extraction sites and other osseous defects

Adaptos® technology

Adaptos® adaptable bone graft substitutes provide synthetic solutions for the whole skeletal system. The unique composite material of Adaptos® is a combination of the best structural and functional features of both gel-like and ceramic bone graft substitutes.

With a high level of bioactivity and a press-fit implantation, Adaptos® locks in its place during implantation and integrates into bone tissue through natural bonding. Natural bone-like structure and optimal porosity enable tissue ingrowth and bone formation inside the material, which are essential for bone regeneration.

Adaptos®Vet properties

Adaptos®Vet granules are the first bioactive bone graft substitute that surgeons can squeeze, shape, and pack into place. It is the only bone graft substitute that mimics bone by being resilient and has durable structure that recovers after compression.

Shape it as you wish. Adaptos®Vet will not break or crumble under strain.

Adaptos®Vet is squeezable and it stretches. Unbreakable material is designed to perform even in the toughest spots.

Resilient and elastic Adaptos®Vet can be packed to fill even the smallest voids.


Adaptos®Vet products in action

Treatment of Bengal cat’s complicated supracondylar open fracture

A 2-year-old Bengal cat suffered a complicated open fracture (class II). The fracture was in the lower part of brachium (supracondylar fracture) with moderate skin damages and needed a surgery.

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Revision of a non-union: Treatment of Italian Greyhound’s fractures in radius and ulna diaphysis

A 5-year-old Italian Greyhound arrived at clinic with complicated ulna and radius fractures. The dog had been operated 4-5 weeks ago elsewhere, but the position of the leg had started to worry his owner.

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Filling of a miniature Bull Terrier’s canine tooth extraction socket

A lower canine tooth of a 1.5 year old miniature Bull Terrier was removed. The tooth extraction socket was filled with synthetic Adaptos®Vet bone graft granules.

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Freedom to operate

At Biomendex, our mission is to give surgeons the freedom to operate and concentrate on what is the most important: patient.  

We believe that our innovative and versatile bone graft substitutes can provide improvements in surgical outcomes and minimize operational risks.


The latest updates about Biomendex.

Biomendex at the Annual Veterinary Congress in Helsinki

The Finnish Veterinary Association organized once again the Annual Veterinary Congress in Helsinki and Biomendex was there to showcase the Adaptos®Vet product line. The 2021 Veterinary Congress took place beginning of December, both online and…

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Biomendex start the sales of Adaptos®Vet granules

Adaptos®Vet is the first truly adaptable bone graft substitute for veterinary surgeries. Adaptos®Vet Granules are now available in the Biomendex online store and by contacting Biomendex sales team. The quality and performance of Adaptos®Vet are…

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Adaptos® clinical study started with Hospital Orton, Oral and Planmeca

The first clinical study with Adaptos® bone grafts has started, and the first patients were operated on in beginning of June 2021. Sponsored by the Research Institute Orton, the study is conducted in collaboration with…

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Become a distributor

Interested in distributor partnership for Adaptos®Vet – adaptable bone graft substitute for veterinarians?

Adaptos®Vet is Biomendex’s highly competitive adaptable bone graft substitute product line for veterinarians. We are currently open for new distributor proposals especially in Europe.

If you have the industry experience and insight, great client network and the pioneer mindset that is needed to launch new products in your market, please contact us for more information.

Research partnerships

Groundbreaking technology at your fingertips

Biomendex is currently carrying out several studies in collaboration with its research partners. Our partners include major medical and vet service providers, such as Hospital Orton, Oral, Planmeca, and Evidensia.

We are currently open for new research partnerships especially in Europe for our new clinical study. Please contact the Biomendex team for more information.