Revision of a non-union: Treatment of Italian Greyhound’s fractures in radius and ulna diaphysis

A 5-year-old Italian Greyhound arrived at clinic with complicated ulna and radius fractures. The dog had been operated 4-5 weeks ago elsewhere, but the position of the leg had started to worry his owner.

Treatment of Bengal cat’s complicated supracondylar open fracture

A 2-year-old Bengal cat suffered a complicated open fracture (class II). The fracture was in the lower part of brachium (supracondylar fracture) with moderate skin damages and needed a surgery.

Filling of a miniature Bull Terrier’s canine tooth extraction socket

A lower canine tooth of a 1.5 year old miniature Bull Terrier was removed. The tooth extraction socket was filled with synthetic Adaptos®Vet bone graft granules.