Groundbreaking tissue regeneration technology

The unique composite material of Adaptos® is a combination of the best structural and functional features of both gel-like and ceramic bone graft substitutes. 

Main Adaptos® features

Patented 3D composite structure of Adaptos® incorporates the osteoconductive and osteostimulative ceramic materials in a durable, elastic, and resilient carrier material. This combination results in superior handling qualities and operational performance.

Learn more about the characteristics that make Adaptos® bone graft substitute the best option in demanding surgical operations.

Highly bioactive

  • Bonds directly to bone tissue
  • Osteostimulative bioactive glass induces bone formation
  • Faster and safer healing

Press-fit implantation

  • Recovers after compression and locks to defect site
  • Excellent tissue contact on site
  • Faster osseointegration


  • Durable and elastic composite material
  • Will not slip, break or crumble even in demanding use
  • Squeezable and can be stretched

Optimal porosity

  • Pore structure similar to cancellous bone
  • Ideal pore size for bone formation
  • Allows vascular ingrowth

Other Adaptos® features

Adaptos® delivers largely used and safe raw materials in a unique composite form: the osteostimulative and osteoconductive ceramic granules are homogenously embedded into a highly porous and resilient polymer carrier. 

  • Bonds directly to bone tissue
  • Bioactive glass as an osteostimulative component
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Allows vascularization
  • Provides natural structural support
  • Intuitive usability

Superior handling qualities

The use of Adaptos® bone graft substitute reduces the need for autologous bone grafting, which leads to decreased surgery time as well as fewer complications. It also improves current treatments and enables entirely new procedures.

Combining cancellous bone-like structure and operational usability, Adaptos® usability is similar to the native autologous bone. It can give better surgical outcome, reduce operational risks, cut operation time, and save costs.

Adaptos® granules are ready to use – no need for preparation or adopting new ways to operate. Operating with Adaptos® is quick and efficient. If needed, the granules can be easily moistened with patient’s blood to increase adhesivity.

The unique composite structure of Adaptos® makes the bone graft substitute easier to shape and use even in demanding operations. With Adaptos®, you can provide better treatment outcomes to your patients while saving time and money.

Squeezable Adaptos® 

The resilience and elasticity of Adaptos® makes it easier and more comfortable to implant. The material is made for squeezing and stretching and it can be packed tightly to fill even the smallest voids and fracture gaps. 

See how Adaptos®, the adaptive bone graft substitute works.

Adaptos® sponge effect

Processed with supercritical carbon dioxide, Adaptos® is the first composite bone graft material that combines such a high level of ceramic content homogenously in a porous polymer carrier, forming a structure typical to cancellous bone.

See how Adaptos®, the adaptive bone graft substitute works.