Biomendex hosted the first seminar of its history with the topic of bone regeneration. The event was held in the Hervanta campus of Tampere University in Finland, in the vicinity of the Biomendex office.

Presenters looked at the subject, bone generation, from different points of view covering topics of fundamentals of bone regeneration, tissue-engineering applications related bone regeneration and about the use of bone grafts and substitutes in spinal surgery.

“We were pleased to see such a plentiful group of participants attending, both at the site and online”

Dr. Kaarlo Paakinaho, the CEO of Biomendex.

After opening words and insights to the latest market numbers and drivers for bone grafts and substitutes by the company’s CEO, the first presenter, Dr. Sanna Pitkänen, project manager for Adaptos® bone graft substitute, comprehensively summarized the vast subject of bone, bone regeneration and bone grafts. She also enlightened the R&D-process of bringing an implantable medical device, like bone graft product, from an idea into the market.

The challenges related to the current treatments and the demands for advanced approaches were also discussed. Associate professor Susanna Miettinen from Tampere University gave an in dept view about the potential and applications of tissue-engineering in the regeneration of the bones of the craniomaxillofacial area with several examples of real-life patient cases.

A clinician’s view was represented by an orthopaedic surgeon and clinical teacher Heidi Lehtokangas (M.D.) from Tampere University Hospital with the topic of bone grafts in spinal surgery and the real need and challenges related to the operations as well as bone grafts and implantable medical devices.

We were glad to receive positive feedback on our seminar and we are looking forward to arranging similar events in the future.

Human bone structure compared with Adaptos® bone graft structure in the presentation of Dr. Sanna Pitkänen.

We would love to receive any desires concerning the next seminars. You can contact us at Once more, we want to thank everyone who participated and a special thanks to all our speakers!