Pasi Kankaanpää will start as the CEO of Biomendex on the first of March 2023. Kankaanpää has a strong background in the international medical device markets and in leading expert organizations. For the past seven years, he has worked for  the laboratory equipment manufacturer Sartorius in Germany as Head of Development, Lab Essentials.

“Pasi’s background and expertise are a great confirmation for the company’s next stage of development,” says Kaarlo Paakinaho, the company’s innovator founder.

”It’s great to be able to take the story of Biomendex to the next stage together with a competent team, an extensive network of advisors and an active board of directors. The company’s patented technology opens up huge opportunities in the various orthopedic market segments” says Pasi Kankaanpää, the CEO of Biomendex.

In addition to the new CEO, Biomendex has strengthened its competence base by forming function-specific advisor groups spearheaded by Mikko Manninen (Head Clinician, Orthopaedics), Antero Salo (MD, PhD, DDS), Susanna Miettinen (Professor at Tampere University), Ralph Ashorn (Doctor of Medicine, Docent) and Mikko Latvala (Senior Director Sales EMEA Distributors – Microport Orthopedics), Timo KarjunenMaarit Gockel and Riitta Mynttinen. In addition, Mehiläinen’s Medical Director Kaisla Lahdensuo (PhD, EMBA), Robert Ashorn (Vice President, Scanfert Group) and Teemu Sipilä (LL.M., EMBA) have joined as advisors.

“It’s great that the company has access to multidisciplinary experience and insight – we have assembled  and launched amazing advisor groups, and our goal is to further expand this competence base! “, says Olli Gestranius, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Biomendex is a Tampere-based developer of synthetic and biodegradable implant material, Adaptos bone substitute.