Adaptos®Vet is the first truly adaptable bone graft substitute for veterinary surgeries. Adaptos®Vet Granules are now available in the Biomendex online store and by contacting Biomendex sales team.

The quality and performance of Adaptos®Vet are based on high-quality research and intensive collaboration with surgeons. Adaptos®Vet granules have been developed in collaboration with leading Finnish veterinary surgeons and they have been used in canine and feline surgeries since 2018. As of today already dozens of companion animal patients have been operated with Adaptos®Vet products. Feedback from the operating surgeons has been extremely positive and they have been especially pleased with the usability of the Adaptos®Vet granules.

“Handling, modification and packaging properties similar to natural bone makes Adaptos unique in terms of usability among bone graft substitute materials ”

Mikael Morelius, Chief Veterinary Surgeon at Morelius Veterinary Clinic in Sipoo.

Adaptos®Vet granules are available in two granule sizes: fine and medium. Different granule sizes are equally effective in treating and filling different osseous defects. The choice between different granule sizes is more about usability and personal preferences of the surgeon.

In order to fullfill the various needs of operating surgeons Adaptos®Vet granules are also available in several package options. For regular use the most cost-efficient alternative is multipack variant which includes 5 pcs individually packed tubes with Adaptos®Vet granules. For surgeons seeking for premium usability Adaptos®Vet granules are available in custom-designed and easy-to-use syringe.

Biomendex offers interested veterinary professionals convenient way to test the product and experience how easy Adaptos®Vet granules are to use.

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